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A Revolution Home Made!!!!

Youth Inna Di Booth Productions is proud to announce the official release of the first solo EP from Australian recording artist  Lennox Dread. Titled Home Made Revolution it is the culmination of four years of writing recording and  music production.

 Featuring the music production of local and international music producers. Including InfraDread a talented producer based in Brisbane. As well as Perth producer Andrew Wright from Golddust Construction. Together with  Donnsubi Small Axe Studio from Tanzania, Scotty Brimstone Jah Life Music Byron Bay. Melbourne's dancehall reggae producer and engineer  Tempa from Yardhouse studio.
With a mixture  of upbeat dancehall beats and dub reggae elements combined. This seven track Ep showcases the evolution of Lennox  Dread  as he rides  different riddims (instrumentals ) with lyrical prowess, energy and versatility. 

"The EP Title is "Home Made Revolution" which stands for making it all at home, like the punk DIY way of making stuff from the ground up. working as a solo artist  it all came down to my hands on approach  and working together directly with different producers. I also made all the album artwork and design myself " Lennox Dread

"Now days you don't need a  big corporate record deal to release your music, i formed my own label and  i release my music independently" 'Lennox Dread

Champayne Cee is a guest artist who appears on the combination song called Calm Before The Storm fusing elements of hip hop and dancehall, courtesy of Outernational Crew. Lennox has worked together with him previous in a series of mix tapes.

Lennox Dread on the new EP
"There are some heavy dancehall tunes that go back to my first tunes, as well as some new tunes that deal with uplifting vibes and  a focus on original lyrics and flow."

From the heavy dancehall sounds of Hotter Than Red , to the mellow dub sounds of Mary Jane this musical journey is  a seamless ride through the styles and influences of reggae music. Lennox Dread has pulled together a set of quality songs that all stand alone, and also work well together as a set. The Home Made Revolution is HERE!!!!


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LNX DREAD - Something For You (New Single released) July 1, 2011


Australian Reggae Dancehall Artist  releases a new single to keep the Dance floor rammed. LNX Dread (Outernational Crew) follows up the release of Lyrical attack with a wikkid second single titled Something for you, a fast paced dancehall riddim to get the party started. The song will  be officially released worldwide as a digital download on july 1st. Available online at  cd baby and i tunes , the song will pave the way for a Solo EP that will be released in the future.
This will be a Independent release thru the Label Youth Inna Di Booth.To listen to the new tune follow this links below.


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