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Welcome this is the official home of all things  OUTERNATIONAL, we will  keep you updated on all the important  Gigs  and events involving Outernational Crew and friends.                                

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Outernational Crew at Mojo's in Fremantle, Left to right, 
Champayne Cee, Donnsubi, LNX Dread.


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New DJ Mix Tape Features

DJ Scater 07 and Future Soundz  are set to release the seventh Mixtape  in the Reggae Soul series. Hosted  by Zimbabwean Dancehall artist JUSA, its set to be released in August /Sep , LNX DREAD will be featured as well as a host of other up to the time Dancehall and Reggae artists.

Dj Scater07 is well know in Perth as a talented mixtape producer, and also as a live DJ.

For more info DJSCATER07
DJ Tutomath releases his brand new mixtape titled
G Shock Mixtape a fine mix of reggae and Dancehall selections, including Lnx Dread's new single  to download follow the link below, Tutomath can also be heard on RTRFM Jamdown Vershun on Sat 5-7

more info