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Ethiopian rapper in Australia out with another recording.
This project is a pathway to K-I-B's upcoming LP "From A Weak Foundation" to debut this July. The project is also a follow up to K-I-B's first Mixtape -Perth City's Finest- Volume 1 (Nov-2007).
The -Pre-release- Project is composed of Nine songs with a variety of Nine artists spread through the Mixtape and a total of Four music producers.
K-I-B's "Pre-Release" TRACK LIST:
1. Controversy ft Champayne Cee - Produced by DJ Roughsoul
2. Tryin 2 B Famous - Produced by Deni Jerosimovic
3. Nena Linda ft Adolfo Esteban Chavez Villalon - Produced by Luny Tunes (Reggaeton)
4. Paper Dreamz - Produced by Deni Jerosimovic
5. Nice Night Dream ft Champayne Cee/Nantale/Donnsubi - Produced by Donnsubi
6. Leave the Old Skool - Produced by Deni Jerosimovic
7. Dayz Go By ft Lnx D/Mz Mika/Donnsubi - Produced by Donnsubi
8. All out 2nite ft Dy$e/Baby Brown - Produced by Deni Jerosimovic
9. Motivated (Bonus Track)




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