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Youth Inna Di Booth Mixtapes Vol1. 2. !! Fresh links free download!

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Youth Inna Di Booth Mixtape (Volume 1)

Independent Release Youth Inna Di Booth Productions

This ‘mixtape’ (it’s a compact disc) from Perth based hip hop and ‘Afro dancehall’ mob Outernational Crew comes with a warning, repeated throughout: ‘The beats and lyrics in this mixtape can be very habit-forming.’ Habit-forming, perhaps not; but arresting, thought-provoking, and downright enjoyable, certainly.
Youth Inna Di Booth is an underground project, but you don’t need to be any kind of hip hop aficionado to appreciate these 14 tracks. Packed full of catchy choruses, and relentlessly danceable beats; this release is urgent, street-wise and cerebral, but it also has wide appeal.
Say what you will about globalisation, releases such as this highlight the advantages of an interconnected world: the central protagonists have personal links as far and wide as Germany and Tanzania, but the crew is based here in Perth; and there is a definite political emphasis from Africa.
No matter your background or political persuasion, there are at least a handful of classics on this compilation. Tracks like Lion’s Share, Steppin’, and Run This African State Of Mind are going to stick in your head, dead set.
Put this in your car, and crank it.



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